Camping in the Outback

There’s nothing that lets you experience vast splendor the Australian outback quite like camping in it.

Camping in the outback is a surreal experience. As the sun goes down and the stars come out you’ll gaze at the sky in wonder. Away from the lights of cities and towns the night sky is breathtakingly bright, a million tiny lights spread across the entire sky. You’ll see the dramatic lights of the setting sun play across the desert, and the more subtle hues that return to the earth as the sun rises above the horizon.

As an added bonus, because you’re in the stunning landscapes of the Red Centre, your days will be filled with experiences equally as amazing.

What you get to see in the outback depends largely on how long you decide to camp out for. One night camping tours will typically see you exploring both Uluru and Kata Tjuta National Parks. Guided walks, learning of Aboriginal folklore and learning about the ecology of the region ensure that you get the most out of your stay. You’ll eat dinner around a roaring campfire before bedding down for the night in a swag – Aussie slang for bedroll.  Wake early on your second day to witness sunrise at Uluru before continued exploration of the area and the trip back to Alice Springs.

To truly immerse yourself in the outback experience, take a tour that lasts a few days. You’ll see more of the desert during the day and get to see the light change over different landscapes. The sky, we promise, won’t change – but you’ll get to appreciate it night after night.

A three day camping tour sees you visiting Uluru on your first day. Like the overnight tour, a guided walk around the base is an important part of the agenda. See caves and ancient rock paintings in a relaxed manner before heading back to camp and settling in for the night. Rise early on your second morning to head to Kata Tjuta (The Olgas). A hike through the Valley of the Winds and exploration of Kings Canyon are next on the agenda, followed by dinner cooked over campfire coals. Further exploration of Kings Canyon is the morning’s activity on your third day, with a swim in a waterhole your last lingering outback experience before heading back to civilization.
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