Brasilianska Amazonas sevärdheter

Brasilianska Amazonas

Amazon Rainforest

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Trying to fathom the Amazon’s size is a lesson in mental futility. You can read all the Amazon stats that you want—like the fact that the Amazon has more acres of land than China or India have ...  Mer information

Encontro das Aguas

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The city of Manaus lies at the confluence of two great rivers, the Solimões and the Black. Although borders on water are typically impossible to see, that is not the case in Manaus. Because of ...  Mer information

Museu do Índio

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Learning about the indigenous population of a country like Brazil should be an interesting and engaging part of one's visit. The museum is run by a congregation of Salesian nuns, and it boasts a ...  Mer information

Port of Manaus (Porto Flutuante)

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Port of Manaus is right in the downtown area, so once your ship gets in it is as simple as walking into the city center to enjoy the sights. Not all the attractions are downtown, of course, but from ...  Mer information

Adolpho Lisboa Municipal Market

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The image of the art-nouveau cast-iron Adolpho Lisboa Municipal Market building is like a snapshot of the multiculturalism of Manaus as a whole. The building, inspired by Les Halles in Paris and ...  Mer information