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Anne Frank's Amsterdam

Med Viator, November 2017

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The name of Anne Frank is forever linked with Amsterdam. The fate of a young Jewish girl and her family destroyed by the Nazis in World War II would have been long since overlooked were it not for one fact: after her death in March 1945, Anne’s diary was discovered by her father and published to worldwide acclaim.

Today the Anne Frank House on Prinsengracht attracts international visitors in the hundreds of thousands each year to pay their respects in the cramped secret annex to the rear of the building. Here Anne, her sister and parents were incarcerated with another Jewish family for three years before they were betrayed to the Nazi occupiers of Amsterdam. Anne and her sister both died in Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp but her father survived his ordeal in Auschwitz and returned to Amsterdam. The Diary of Anne Frank was published in 1947 and ensured that the tragic tale of the Frank family was never to be forgotten.

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