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Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

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Alaska is known for its wildlife, and at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center you can see an array of native species in one place. You’ll learn the individual stories of each animal and their species in general from knowledgeable staff members. The animals you’ll probably see—and get surprisingly close to—include bears, moose, eagles, reindeer, elk, musk oxen, wood bison, lynx, caribou, Sitka black-tailed deer and porcupine. The center works to rehabilitate the animals and reintroduce them into the wild. In fact, the center is currently working toward reintroducing the once-extinct wood bison through a breeding program.

Make sure to ask staff for a schedule of events, as there are a number of visitor programs and activities such as taking a stroll with Hershey the reindeer, seeing the moose and ox calves get bottle fed and learning about porcupines with Snickers, the center’s resident porcupine.

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