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Matanuska Glacier

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Originating within the Chugach Mountain Range, the Matanuska Glacier can enhance your Anchorage itinerary. At about 26 miles long and four miles wide, it is the largest glacier in Alaska that is accessible by vehicle. While many areas in Alaska are not known for their reliable weather, the Matanuska Glacier has an impressive ability to push warm air up, leading to a sunny, enjoyable climate.

Your best bet for experiencing the glacier up close is to visit the 229-acre (93-hectare) Matanuska Glacier Park, where you’ll be able to park your car right next to the natural attraction. From there, hike onto the glacier or even go ice-climbing (guides are recommended for both), truly memorable Alaska experiences. Around the glacier and within the park are also trekking routes with viewing platforms. That being said, it’s visible from the surrounding Glenn Highway Scenic Byway, making it a popular roadside attraction.

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