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English Harbour

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Journey down to the far south of Antigua to see one of the island's oldest and most beautiful historic districts, English Harbour. This tiny (population of 759), but scenic settlement is a great ...  Mer information

Stingray City Antigua

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Stingray City in Antigua is a special place as it is home to a plethora of stingrays in their natural habitat. Plus, the area of sea where Stingray City is situated is quite shallow and is only a ...  Mer information

Devil's Bridge National Park

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Don't be scared away by its rather ominous name. Devil's Bridge National Park is one of the most unique natural sites that you can see, not just in Antigua, but perhaps ever. Devil's Bridge is a ...  Mer information

Fort James

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One of the best places to go on the island if you want fantastic views of the shimmering Caribbean waters, Fort James sits in an ideal position overlooking St. John's Harbor. Built by the British in ...  Mer information