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Most visitors to Auckland at some point in their visit spend a couple of minutes staring up towards the SkyTower. At 1,076 ft. in height, it’s not only the highest structure in New Zealand, but it’s an iconic pinnacle which serves as the centerpiece of the famous Auckland skyline.

For the thousands of visitors who stare up towards the tower, however, only a handful of visitors will leap from the tower towards the streets of the city below. At the Auckland SkyJump, visitors have the chance to partake in activity which is the most extreme adventure in the city. Ascending to a height of 632 feet, you are strapped to a cord, told to enjoy the view, and thrust off the edge of the famous tower to a large red landing pad below. For as scary and foolish as the jump might seem, the SkyJump is a safe and popular activity that ranks as one of Auckland’s best adventures.

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