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Bangkok National Museum

The main branch of the National Museums in Thailand, Bangkok's main public museum is also the largest museum in all of South East Asia. Spread out over acres of green grounds and multiple buildings, the museum is a showcase for Thai art and history. Although it used to be considered unorganized, dusty and forgotten, it's recently been renovated and updated and now features a vibrant collection of artifacts with clear English-language descriptions.

Inside you will find a truly enormous collection of treasures including paintings, sculptures, bronzes and prehistoric art from Thailand and other Asian countries. You will want to give yourself plenty of time to thoroughly cover the exhibits and may want to consider hiring a guide for a more targeted tour. Highlights include a replica funeral chariot hall, the Buddhaisawan chapel and the weapon galleries.

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Bangkok och Ayuthaya Discovery4D3N

Bangkok -Thailand Capital, är en sprudlande storstad känd för sina utsmyckade helgedomar och livfulla gatan. Den båtfyllda Chao ...  Mer information

  • Plats: Bangkok, Thailand
  • Varaktighet: 4 dagar
  • Språk: Engelska
Från USD 1 069,29

Bangkok Audio Tour

Ladda ner en livlig MP3-självstyrd ljudtur kombinerad med en helt detaljerad karta över Bankok. Denna fascinerande ljudresa i den energiska ...  Mer information

  • Plats: Bangkok, Thailand
  • Varaktighet: 1 till 3 timmar
  • Språk: Engelska
Från USD 19,99