Cardona Castle

Cardona Castle sits proudly on a hilltop opposite the mines of Salt Mountain. The stone fortress was built in Gothic and Romanesque style in 886 AD, and is perhaps the most important medieval structure in Catalonia. It was fortified and then partially destroyed in the 17th century before being fully restored in the 19th century.  

Historically the castle belonged to dukes of Cardona, which were members of the Crown of Aragon, ruling just below the Royal Family. They oversaw several regions of Spain and kept many important diplomatic ties. Since being attacked in the 18th century, the fortress has become a strong symbol of Catalonian identity. Inside stands the stone Sant Vicenç Church, which dates back to the 11th century. The impressive Minyona Tower stands tall at 15 meters high above the rest of the complex. Views of the Cardener River and the town of Cardona below can be seen from the top.
Adress: Cardona, Spain, Spanien
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