Salt Mountain Cultural Park

Aptly named Salt Mountain is one of the largest and most important salt mines in the world. Visitors can tour a 280-foot-deep salt mine, in addition to learning about the history and production at the site’s museum. This area, also known as Mina Nieves de Cardona, is rich in natural resources and minerals and has been used to gather salt for centuries.

Inside the salt mine are jagged stalactites and stalagmites, along with deposits of potassium, magnesium, and sodium. The evaporation of salt water nearly 30 million years ago, as the Mediterranean Sea began to close, is what is responsible for the formations and deposits that exist today. Salt Mountain itself is a collection of beautiful formations, with curving colors tracing the minerals on the walls and ceilings. Streaks of both grey and reddish-brown salts add to the mountain caves’ natural beauty. Visitors can experience the unique geology of the mountains, as well as the machinery used to process the salts. Exploring this natural wonder allows insight into both the history and geography of this important area of Europe.
Adress: Cardona, Spain, Spanien
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