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3 Days in the Bay of Islands: Suggested Itineraries

Med Viator, January 2015

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At the northernmost tip of New Zealand is one of the country's best kept secrets: the picturesque Bay of Islands. This is where the locals come for holidays - there is something for whatever strikes your fancy: sailing, fishing, snorkeling, horse-riding, hiking, kayaking, Excitor boat riding, swimming with dolphins, discovering history or just laying in the sunshine under one of the world's bluest skies.

You'll want to get your bearings and maybe have a closer look at all those beckoning islands. Since the 1920s a small boat has made its ways around the islands to collect milk and cream from the dairy farms and deliver mail; you can take this 'Cream Trip,' although on a more luxurious vessel than the original small boat. Or you can gaze at the islands from afar, walking along the pristine, sandy beaches of the mainland.

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