Berlin Musical Instrument Museum

The Berlin Musical Instrument Museum is a research institution for musicology with more than 3,000 instruments from the 16th century to present day, at least 800 of which are regularly on display. Exhibits include musical instruments of historical significance, such as Bach's harpsichord, Carl Maria von Weber's fortepiano, Benjamin Franklin’s glass harmonica and Frederick the Great's flutes and harpsichord. There is also a nearly complete collection of wind instruments from Naumburg that belonged to the town's wind band around the year 1600. 

Music aficionados, prepare to geek out. The museum also has the Mighty Wurlitzer Organ, which was originally designed to accompany silent films. It has 1228 pipes, 175 stops and 43 pistons, making it the largest of its kind in Europe. The museum hosts regular performances, and visitors can also take guided tours with instrument demonstrations. Rare instruments that few people have ever seen are on display, and tours allow visitors the chance to hear what they sound like and learn the history behind the them. 
Adress: Tiergartenstraße 1, Berlin, Germany, Tyskland
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