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Berlin River Cruises

Med Viator, January 2018

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If you ever wanted to see Berlin from a different angle or wanted to get an overview of the city in a short time, a river cruise is a good option for a tour. Though the Spree River spans over 400 kilometers to the Czech Republic, it is most famous for being the river of Berlin. From the Spree river, you can see some of Berlin’s most historic sights including Reichstag and the majestic Museum Island. Many sight-seeing cruises along the Spree River are available. You’ll be able to see some of Berlin’s most famous sites and cross the former border between West and East Berlin. You can also take cruises that solely tour East Berlin or West Berlin. There are evening cruises that show the buildings lit up at night. You’ll pass many bridges as well. An interesting fact is that Berlin has more bridges than Venice! Outside of the city, you can discover the palatial Potsdam by boat as well.

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