World War II History Tours in Berlin

If you're curious to know the stories below the surface of Berlin's fascinating architecture, there's nothing like walking the very same streets to bring alive everything you've ever wondered about WWII and the Third Reich. Berlin is a city that is constantly changing and reinventing itself, however the marks of history are deeply scored into the architecture and psyche of the city. Hitler married long-time mistress Eva Braun in the Führerbunker, and two days later both committed suicide in order to avoid capture by Soviet forces. Hitler's plan to make Berlin the Reich capital of Germania was abandoned as the Allies bombed the city, while the remnants of Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church stand as a grim reminder to the damages of war.

Have you ever wondered how the Germans could allow Hitler's rise to power? Who, if anyone, stood in his way? What happened once the Soviets defeated the Nazis? Find out about life in Berlin during the Third Reich and the bombing of World War II. Learn more about the Cold War complete with tales of espionage, the downfall of communism and how Berlin is dealing with its past.

In the 1920s Berlin's Jewish community was the largest in Germany, until the community was all but obliterated through immigration, persecution and finally the Holocaust. Walk through pre-war Jewish neighborhoods, visiting major sites and buildings associated with the Jewish community in its heyday.
While the Nazis were hosting the 1936 Olympic games, slave laborers were being forced to build a huge new concentration camp just north of Berlin, intended to hold political 'enemies' of the Nazi regime, and used by the Soviets until 1950 to detain former Nazis, German soldiers and political opponents.

If you harbor dreams of being a secret agent in Berlin, your mission starts in the Tiergarten. Investigate where the coup and assassination attempts against Hitler went wrong, why grand Stalinallee was a scene of discontent in 1953, and find out about audacious escape attempts under the Wall.

Few visitors to modern Berlin realize the city sits atop a vast network of civilian shelters, bunker complexes and remnants from World War II. Going underground with the Berliner Unterwelten Society gives you the chance to to explore these hidden secrets and be transported to a fascinating time in the city's history.
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