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Brooklyn Brewery

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While the first beer was brewed in Brooklyn in 1822, this homegrown brewery founded in 1988 by a couple of neighbors, led the charge towards a new trend in borough-local micro-brewing. While it began ...  Mer information

Brooklyn Navy Yard

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Set on the Brooklyn shore of the East River’s Wallabout Bay, directly between the Manhattan and Williamsburg Bridges, this shipyard was once America’s largest. Utilized by the U.S. Navy since 1801, ...  Mer information


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Well-known as the hipster-hub of Brooklyn, Williamsburg is full of creative types and indie venues. It’s safest and most vibrant areas lie near the L train stops, with the main street of the ...  Mer information

New York Transit Museum

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Set in a decommissioned subway station in Brooklyn, the Transit Museum was opened in 1976 as part of America’s Bicentennial celebration. The original intention was for the museum to be temporary, ...  Mer information

Brooklyn Bridge

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New York's most famous bridge crosses the East River from Manhattan to Brooklyn. Taking a walk across this historic suspension bridge is a must-do NYC activity, with fabulous views on every side.  ...  Mer information

Brooklyn Heights

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Known as the “first suburb of America,” Brooklyn Heights is a mere five minutes from Manhattan on the subway and maintains its unique character and historic charm in its fast-moving city. With rows ...  Mer information

Carroll Gardens

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A gracefully gentrified neighborhood in South Brooklyn, Carroll Gardens was originally considered part of more working-class Red Hook, just a few blocks to the south across the Brooklyn-Queens ...  Mer information

Coney Island

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Located in southern Brooklyn, people head to Coney Island for its famous hot dogs, amusement park and popular beach and boardwalk. Coney Island has been attracting visitors since the 1830s -- ...  Mer information


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Located in Brooklyn, Dumbo, or “Down Under The Manhattan Bridge,” is a small, artsy neighborhood offering clear views of Manhattan, the New York Harbor and Statue of Liberty, as well as creative ...  Mer information

Jacques Torres Chocolate

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Set in a converted brick warehouse in Brooklyn’s DUMBO neighborhood, this chocolate wonderland is the flagship of Jacques Torres’ mini-empire of treats. An Algerian-born French pâtissier whose ...  Mer information

Sunset Park Brooklyn

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Now home to Brooklyn’s Chinatown, this historic area is bordered by four neighborhoods: Greenwood Heights (north), Borough Park (east), Bay Ridge (south), and Upper New York Bay (west).  ...  Mer information