Café de los Angelitos

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Think of Buenos Aires and you think the tango. Café de los Angelitos and its evenings of dining and performances roll everything iconic about Buenos Aires into one night. The “café” (really a nightclub) is a longtime icon of this Argentine city and has been putting on shows here for over 100 years. The name comes from a tango song composed and written by José Razzano, a longtime duet partner of Carlos Gardel, often considered to be the father of tango. The 1944 song was called “Cafe de los Angelitos.”

The café has come a long way since its 1890s beginning, when it was founded in a marginalized part of the city by an Italian immigrant and had dirt floors. In the time since then, the city has filled in around it, and though the café fell on hard times and was actually closed from 1992 to 2006, the doors have reopened for dining and entertainment in an elegant spot offering the best Argentina has to offer.

Nearly two dozen different dancers appear on stage and tell the story of the history of tango, as interpreted through the dance itself, with colorful outfits coordinated to the story each dance tells. As you watch the performance, you can eat your meal and enjoy after-dinner drinks.
Adress: Av. Rivadavia 2100 (esq. Rincón), Buenos Aires, Argentina
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