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Parque Tres de Febrero

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Most people come to Palermo to enjoy the urban sights that Buenos Aires has to offer. There are several different sections, from mainstream to bohemian and from fashion and design to residential. And then there is Parque Tres de Febrero. This nearly 1,000-acre park is also referred to as the “Bosques del Palermo” (Palermo Woods).

The park has been in existence in a variety of forms since 1875, and over the years it has undergone additions including a zoo, a botanical garden and a rose garden, as well as the world’s largest Japanese garden outside of Japan. The park is popularly used by pedestrians and cyclists and is busiest on the weekends, when you can even take a boat ride in one of the artificial lakes. Visitors can spend a couple of hours walking among the trees and over the bridges that cross some of the lakes, or sitting in one of the gazebos to enjoy the tranquil park.

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