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City of the Dead (Qarafa)

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Qarafa, or The City of the Dead, is two 4 mile (6 km) long cemeteries - a north and south cemetery - dating from Mamluk times (1200s - 1500s) and is still in use today. Traditionally all families kept a mausoleum and these days some families use them for living in as well as for burials. Some families have been inhabiting the tombs for generations, some arrived more recently after the 1967 war displaced them from the canal zone. The north cemetery has more people residing in it and estimates are up to half a million people live there. These days there are shops, cafes and even a post-office within the cemeteries.

Many of the tombs themselves are quite grand and beautiful dating back centuries and in the Mamluk style. The northern cemetery is home to some of Cairo's most beautiful Mamluk monuments, such as the Mausoleums of Sultan Qaitbay and Sultan Barquq.

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Halvdagstur till staden Döda Nekropolis från Kairo

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En ovanlig halvdagstur till City of the Dead. Denna resa börjar vid 8:00 med hämtning från ditt hotell av din reseguide. Mer information

  • Plats: Kairo, Egypten
  • Varaktighet: 3 timmar
  • Språk: Engelska
Från USD 50,00

6-timmars privat tur till Alabaster Mosque City of Dead och Alazhar Park i Kairo

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Utforska Kairo och se Alabaster Mosque of Mohamed Ali Pash, Kairos gamla kyrkogård "staden döda och Al-Azhar parken Mer information

  • Plats: Kairo, Egypten
  • Varaktighet: 6 timmar
  • Språk: Engelska
Från USD 11,44

Full-Day Larnach Castle Tour

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Njut av en personlig liten grupp rundtur i Larnach Castle och Dunedin City. Detta är en 6 till 7 timmars hel guidad tur som låter dig utforska ...  Mer information

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  • Varaktighet: 7 timmar
Från USD 98,49