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Pharaonic Village

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Understanding Egypt's complex and mysterious history can seem as impossible as becoming fluent in hieroglyphics. However, once you've traveled through the time machine that is the Pharaonic Village, untangling the country’s tale is simplified.

Enter the Pharaonic Village and exit a few hours later with an entertaining education on Egypt from the period of the pharaohs up through modern politics. This painstakingly designed reproduction of ancient Egypt lies on Jacob's Island six miles outside of Cairo, with 5,000 strategically planted trees hiding the view of the modern city to help visitors feel as though they have really traveled back through the millennia. Floating through its winding canals are actors in period costumes engaging in agricultural activities, making pottery, weaving and sculpting among faithful replicas of homes and gardens, a market and a shipyard. There is even an exact reproduction of King Tut's tomb.

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