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Saqqara (Sakkara)

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Saqqara (or Sakkara) lies about 18 miles (30 km) south of Cairo and was the burial site for the ancient Egyptian capital Memphis, now in ruins. In the site of 4.4 by 0.9 miles (7 by 1.5 km) there is a sphinx, smaller than that at Giza at only 26ft by 13ft (8m by 4m), and several pyramids, the most famous of which is the stepped pyramid of Djoser dating from around 2,650 BC. This pyramid represented a major advance in building techniques being the first complete stone-hewn building in history. Previous to this, mudbrick and wood were used for tombs.

Another 16 Kings also built their tombs at Saqqara and the area was used as a burial site until well into Roman times. In 1979, UNESCO named the area as a World Heritage Site.

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Privat rundtur: Pyramiderna och Sfinxen i Giza, Memfis, Sakkara

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Gör en resa tillbaka i tiden till forntida Egypten på den här privata rundturen till de stora pyramiderna och Sfinxen i Giza, ...  Mer information

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