Colombian Salsa Dance in Cali

As the self-proclaimed Salsa Capital of the World, the essence of salsa permeates through popular culture in Cali. Whether you’re watching a thrilling salsa show or learning a few moves yourself, there’s no better place to experience a traditional Colombian salsa than Cali. The dance in this country is heavily influenced by Caribbean rhythms, with dancers blending sultry, fast-paced choreography with intricate footwork, and Cali is crammed full of salsa bars, clubs and live music venues where you can watch both seasoned professionals and enthusiastic amateurs showing off their moves on the dance floor.

The most atmospheric time to discover Colombian salsa is during one of Cali’s many annual festivals, like the World Salsa Festival, which draws the globe’s hottest professional dancers to the city each summer. Even if you can’t visit during festival time, you’ll find no shortage of salsa nights to choose from, with legendary clubs like El Habanero, Tin Tin Deo and Zaperoco found in the main party zones of San Antonio, Juanchito and Menga. 

The infectious rhythms of salsa are sure to win you over, and it’s unlikely you’ll be able to resist getting involved, so many visitors opt to join a salsa class or take a private dance lesson – a great way to learn a few moves, before you hit the dance floor with the locals. 
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