Grasse Perfumery Tours

Just a half-hour inland from Cannes is what may be the sweetest-smelling day trip you've ever taken. Grasse, a sprawling hilltop Provencal town with an 11th century cathedral, is also known as the world's perfume capital. That's due in part to the fact that many of the flowers and herbs companies use in creating perfume come from this region, and also because of the many perfumeries that are headquartered here. It also makes Grasse the perfect location for the International Museum of Perfume, which is actually a fascinating look at the olfactory sense in general, as well as the history and process of perfume making.

The Grasse perfumeries make this a unique one-industry town for another reason – several of them welcome visitors with tours, on-site shops, and most interestingly, the chance to make your own signature perfume!

Fragonard, Galimard, Molinard, and other perfumeries have short, informative classes on how to identify the scents used in perfumes, made from essential oils. Then, you're given all the tools you need to take what you just learned and create your very own signature scent. Some places even give you a certificate of participation, and you'll get a label so you can call your new creation whatever you wish!
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