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Ürgüp in Cappadocia is famous for its hotels built into the soft volcanic ash rock tufa. Together with the nearby town of Göreme, it is the main center of tourism in this part of Turkey.

The Göreme Valley is only 4 miles from Ürgüp and is a UNESCO World Heritage site, due in large part for its fascinating rock formations known as Fairy Chimneys and for the Christian churches and chapels carved into the soft volcanic rock. Many of these are richly decorated with Byzantine frescoes of religious scenes and Göreme Open Air Museum is open every day.

Ürgüp is also known for its wineries, and this region produces most of Turkey’s increasingly award-winning wines, many of which are still aged in the traditional method of cellars dug directly into the rock. It is also a place to find the fine weaving of Turkish carpets. One of the main draws of Ürgüp is to stay on of its hotels hollowed out of the rock. When they need a new room, they simply dig deeper into the hill!

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