Casablanca's Neighborhoods

From the ramshackle souks that sprawl through the Old Medina to the array of Mauresque and Art Deco style buildings constructed under General Lyautey's French rule, Morocco’s largest city is full of dramatic contrasts. The central district of Casablanca is where most tourists will spend most of their time, with the majority of attractions clustered around United Nations Place, Mohammed V Square and Mohammed V Boulevard. Highlights include the Casablanca Cathedral, the Court of Justice, Marche Central, and to the north, the Old Medina, renowned for its labyrinth of souks.

Southeast of the central district, the Quartier Habous (Habous Quarter), often dubbed the ‘New Medina’, is characterized by its French colonial buildings and small crafts souks. A picturesque spot for a walking tour, the Habous is home to landmark buildings like the Royal Palace of Casablanca, the Mahakma of the Pasha and the Mohammed V Mosque.

Stretching west of the port and the magnificent Hassan II mosque, the coastal suburb of Ain Diab is centered around the 3km long seafront Corniche and is one of Casablanca’s trendiest districts, dotted with nightclubs, restaurants and beach resorts. Along with the scenic boardwalk and swimming areas, highlights of the area include the mausoleum and shrine of Sidi Aberrahman and the El-Hank Lighthouse. Further west, the affluent residential district of Anfa is one of Casablanca’s oldest neighborhoods and now boasts a number of grand mansions and luxury hotels.
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