Exploring Sicily's Cyclops Riviera from Catania

Stretching north of Catania, beneath the mighty peak of Mt. Etna, Sicily’s Cyclops Riviera (Riviera dei Ciclopi) is known for its dramatic black basalt rocks and mythological connection with Odysseus (Ulysses) and Polyphemus, the giant son of Poseidon. Here are some top reasons to tour the Cyclops Riviera from Catania.

  • Set sail along the Cyclops Riviera and spot landmarks such as Ulysses’ Grotte, the Castle of Aci Castello, and the Faraglioni (sea cliffs) of Acitrezza. 
  • Dive into another world as you swim and snorkel in the Mediterranean Sea. 
  • Spot marine life such as octopus, red starfish, and dolphins as you cruise around the Natural Reserve of Cyclops.
  • Tuck into traditional Sicilian specialties such as delicious cannoli pastries or refreshing granita.
  • Head ashore to explore the charming fishing villages of Aci Trezza and Acireale.
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