Renmin Park (People's Park)

23 omdömen
Renmin Park, a lively open green space in southwest Chengdu locally known as People's Park, is full of just that—people playing cards, people doing tai chi, people dancing, and people squawking karaoke into microphones. Open from dawn to the wee hours of the morning, admission to the park is free and the atmosphere is unique. 

On one visit you may be swept up by the energy of an impromptu dance session, whereas on another day you could be sitting in bamboo chair drinking tea and be offered to have your ears cleaned by an elderly vendor. Famous for its popular tea houses where locals often linger all day, the park also boasts sports facilities, walking paths, and an artificial lake with pedal boat rentals.

While one of the Sichuan capital's more crowded parks, People's Park makes an ideal spot for people watching, as it's common to see locals playing instruments, taking part in ballroom dancing, practicing water calligraphy on the sidewalks, or playing cards, often with their caged pet birds to keep them company.
Adress: Kina
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