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Since being taken over by squatters in 1971, Copenhagen’s Christiania neighborhood has become the city’s most infamous district, a self-proclaimed independent state, home to around 1000 permanent residents and notorious for its legal cannabis trade. The unique community was founded by a group of freethinkers, who have run the tax-free, self-governed commune for over 40 years.

Located in an abandoned military barracks, many of the free city’s houses were built by the residents and decorated with colorful murals and sculptures, making the district a vibrant cultural hub and a popular attraction for tourists. Visitors are welcome to stroll the streets of Christiania, take a guided tour led by local residents or relax at the area’s cafés, bars and live music venues, but be careful to follow the self-dictated rules of the area, which include not taking photographs or videos, refraining from using mobile phones, and strict enforcements of anti-violence and hard drug policies.

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