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Best Outdoor Adventures in Costa Rica

Med Viator, December 2016

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More than a quarter of Costa Rica is covered in rainforests, and one of the best ways to explore these enchanting ecosystems is via a zipline.

Canopy tours are an ideal way to get a bird’s eye view of the forest without disturbing the wildlife or endangering the trees. Costa Rica offers a number of canopy tours. A canopy tour, is a guided tour of the forest canopy, often via a series of zip lines or aerial walkways and viewing platforms.

Regardless of where you are in Costa Rica, there’s bound to be at least one good hike in the area. From lowland tropical rainforest to beautiful beaches or the vast fields of hardened black lava that surround Arenal Volcano, there are opportunities for hiking in an astonish variety of terrains.

After hiking, white-water rafting is perhaps the most popular activity in the country. There is no shortage of rivers in Costa Rica, some of which are considered the world’s best rivers to raft down.

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