Diving Tours in Cozumel

Boasting national marine park status and extensive coral reefs, Cozumel—Mexico’s largest island, near the famed Riviera Maya—is a world-renowned destination for experienced scuba lovers as well as those looking to take a beginner diving tour. Here are some tips to help plan your next Cozumel diving excursion.

  • Choose from a range of trips for certified divers to explore undersea tunnels, caverns, and reefs.
  • Observe Cozumel’s mind-blowing collection of sea life, including giant sponges, psychedelic-colored tropical fish, rays, turtles, seahorses, and more.
  • Experience more than 100 dive sites, including the sunken airplane at the Junkyard and the coral collections at the Palancar Reef.
  • Marvel at the grouper fish and rainbow coral during a dive along the Santa Rosa Wall.
  • Get your feet wet (pun intended) and learn the basic skills of scuba diving on a beginner dive held in shallow water.

Scuba Diving for Beginners
A beginner dive excursion is a great option for those just getting started with scuba. Pick from among a range of class options, from introductory scuba experiences all the way up to open-water certification trips. Though each excursion is unique, many beginner lessons comprise a short class to learn scuba basics, a practice session in protected waters, and then an open-water dive done with the aid of a certified instructor.

Scuba Diving to Certified Divers
Those divers who already have an existing certification can choose from among a wide range of diving trips on Cozumel. In addition to diving highlights like the Junkyard, the Palancar Reef, and the Santa Rosa Wall, divers can experience other top-notch outings like an exploration inside a cenote (natural limestone well) and the chance to discover diving sites near Playa del Carmen.
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