Game of Thrones Film Sites in Croatia

Croatia's medieval architecture and dramatic Mediterranean coastlines have attracted the producers of the hit Game of Thrones TV series, putting historic Dubrovnik and Split into central roles as filming locations. Here are a few of the highlights.

Thanks to a history that dates back to the eras of ancient Greece and Rome, Split is a city rich in historic buildings and architecture. These features led Game of Thrones to use Croatia's second-largest city as the filming site for the fictional city of Meereen. Follow in the footsteps of Daenerys Targaryen as you visit Split highlights such as the Fortress of Klis (used in exterior shots of Meereen) and Diocletian's Palace, where the Unsullied helped lead a revolt against the city's one-time rulers.

Dubrovnik's UNESCO World Heritage-listed Old Town plays a starring role in the Game of Thrones series thanks to its depiction of the famous King's Landing. The red roofs of this ancient area are recognizable as the backdrop for much of the show's activity in this center of royal power. Other Dubrovnik highlights include Lovrijenac Fortress, an 11th-century castle featured prominently in the Battle of the Blackwater during season two, and nearby Lokrum Island, used to portray the fictional city of Qarth.

Want to explore all of the Thrones' seven kingdoms? Other spectacular filming locations can be found in Iceland, Northern Ireland, Spain, and Malta.
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