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Kolossi Castle

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From ancient Greek ruins to Byzantine monasteries, Cyprus has an incredible variety of historical sites, and the Kolossi Castle is one of the most striking remnants of the island’s medieval era. Built in the 13th century by the Knights of St. John and later restored in the 15th century, the castle has changed hands several times throughout its long history, but remarkably, remains beautifully preserved.

Appearing more like a stone-brick tower than a fortress, the imposing square keep rises 21 meters tall and taking in the views from the rooftop is a popular pastime for visitors. The dramatic landscape of vineyards surrounding the castle is also significant, as it was here that the Knights of St John first began producing wine and processing sugar cane, leading to the birth of ‘Commandaria’ – the sweet dessert wine, renowned as the world’s oldest named wine still in production.

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