Front Range Adventures from Denver

The Mile-High City, so named for its elevation of 5,280 feet above sea-level, is an urban area that calls to the adventurous in nature. Denverites introduce themselves and then ask, “what do you do?” They’re not asking about your job. They’re asking what you like to do for fun: hike, bike, kayak, ski, snowboard, cross-country ski. The answers vary by season as hiking poles are replaced by ski poles and kayaks are placed in storage until the water temperatures rise. Denver is a perfect central location to experience many Front Range adventures—it’s just a matter of deciding what you’d like to try today.


In the summer months, when the sun affords more than 12 hours of light for outdoor recreation, there are multiple activities that you can sample from Denver. For a taste of the wind rushing by, check out one of the zip line adventures that are cropping up around Colorado. Ranging from shorter lines to lines that run more than 6,000 feet (1828 meters), a zip line ride takes you on a highflying adventure that’s unique in the Colorado forests. Go during the fall to catch the aspens changing color. Paddling is another popular adventure in Colorado. Whether it’s paddling a reservoir or a river on a standup paddleboard, turning an oar in a whitewater kayak or shooting the Class II, III, IV and V rapids of the Colorado or Arkansas rivers, there are multitudes of water recreation options to try. If you’d prefer to stick to dry land, hiking, biking, rock climbing, sky diving, paragliding and horseback riding are all options for Front Range adventures.


When the snow starts flying in Denver, it’s like everyone turns into a little kid again. If someone’s not talking about the fresh powder they experienced over the weekend they’re busy trying to predict the next storm. For folks visiting Denver, there is no shortage of cold weather adventures to experience. Downhill skiing, snowboarding and Telemark skiing are all easily accessible from Denver at a number of ski resorts, each with their own character and personality. But how about cross-country skiing, skate skiing or snowshoeing? These activities are a great way to explore Colorado in a serene setting, without the crowds of the traditional ski slopes. For those who prefer to recreate with ropes, ice climbing is a popular—and challenging—activity for adventurous souls to sample.
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