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The Olveston House is a must-see sight in Dunedin, and the 1-hour tours are an incredible walk through this decadent, ornate, and elegant mansion. Built in the Jacobian tradition between 1904 and 1906, the 35-room house sits on an acre of beautiful gardens.

The house is maintained as it was originally decorated, with a unique and timeless beauty. The original owner, David Theomin, was a prolific traveler, and collected items from all over the world to decorate his house with, including French, Chinese, and Japanese treasures.

On your stroll through the house, pay close attention the the plethora of paintings displaying various pictures of contemporary colonial life in New Zealand, and when outside in the gardens, be sure to get a look at the automobile used by the Theomin family at the time of construction. At the end of your tour, stop by the gift shop and peruse the various souvenirs to remember your time at Olveston.

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