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Dunedin & Otago Peninsula Suggested Itineraries

Med Viator, February 2015

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Coastal Otago, and its one major city, Dunedin, has, in typical New Zealand manner, attractions both urban and rural, offering you the chance to see New Zealand’s indie music heartland, while having the island’s most accessible wildlife at your fingertips. With three days at your disposal, it’s best to make the most of it.

Upon your arrival, you’ll find Dunedin a compact, quirky little town, full of charming bars, restaurants, and cafes, all with a distinctly New Zealand feel. The smattering of bars gives this town a reputation for good nightlife, and it’s well earned. Spend your first day waltzing the streets, seeing some of the beautiful Victorian and Edwardian architecture. From its pioneering history you’re liable to hear a good mix of the indie-rock scene floating through the air. Enjoy it, and sleep well. Tomorrow, you head off into wild.

Dunedin acts as the gateway for the Otago Peninsula and all the wildlife it engenders.

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