Upsala Glacier

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The Upsala Glacier upstages even Perito Moreno in scale.

South America’s largest glacier, Upsala measures 50km long and 10km wide (31 miles long, 6 miles wide). It’s only from the water of Lake Argentino that you can really appreciate the glacier’s magnitude and crystalline beauty.

Forests surround the glacier and lake, and icebergs that have tumbled from the glacier’s peaks fill the water.

From the glacier, you can hike to the iceberg-dotted waters of Lago Onelli and take in vistas of blue-white ice floes, jagged mountains and pristine waterways stretching to the horizon.

Travel here by horseback, boat, hiking or 4WD, before taking the boat to the glacier’s towering walls fronting the lake.
Adress: Argentina
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