Paragliding in Fethiye

Situated on Turkey’s Turquoise Coast, Fethiye promises spectacular coastal panoramas. The nearby 6,460-foot (1,969-meter) mountain of Babadag provides a near-perfect launching point for paragliders, who come from all over to free fly over the Mediterranean. Here’s what you can expect from a paragliding experience in Fethiye.
  • Take off from the mountain summit using a smooth, paved launch platform.
  • Enjoy the freeing sensation of flying and the sound of the wind whistling through the paraglider wings, as you soar through the air for a half-hour or more.
  • Take in bird’s-eye views of the toy-size villages, white-sand beaches, and boat-dotted harbors below.
  • Spot glittering Blue Lagoon, island-dotted Gulf of Fethiye, and—on a clear day—the Greek island of Rhodes in the distance.
  • Feel safe and secure during a tandem flight with an experienced, certified pilot, and get an extra thrill as your pilot performers twists, turns, and other tricks.
  • After landing directly on the beach, stick around to watch other paragliders putting on a display in the skies above.
  • Attend the annual Ölüdeniz Air Games, held every October, to see skilled paragliders as well as skydivers, BASE jumpers, and other air sports practitioners, at work.
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