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The islands of Fiji are the perfect escape for cruising aboard the decks of a ship. With few long passages and some of the world’s nicest islands, cruising in Fiji is one of the most comfortable ways to enjoy the South Pacific paradise. While many travelers to the Fijian archipelago use local transportation and stay at land-based resorts, cruising in Fiji allows you to enjoy the islands from atop the world-famous waters.

Of all of the places to go cruising in Fiji, the best beaches with the widest availability of watersports are found in the Mamanucas and Yasawas. Most cruises originate in Nadi, and from there depart on multi-day itineraries to the serenity of the outer islands.

While cruising in Fiji, the relatively short distances between islands means much of the trip can be spent exploring on land. Kayak or snorkel the turquoise waters of the impossibly turquoise lagoons, or spend the day hiking to traditional villages which have remain largely unchanged for centuries. Take part in a traditional lovo feast in the shadow of the mountainous Yasawas, or simply relax on the deck of the boat as you gently motor through paradise.

Added benefits of cruising in Fiji are the perks of traveling with an organized group. Depending upon the tour, many cruise companies have exclusive options which are only available to their guests. Visit areas of the remote islands which are off-limits to regular visitors, or go for hikes with local guides to places you’d never find otherwise. Much of the staff on cruises in Fiji are entirely of Fijian descent, and this is also a great way to experience the culture through your interactions with local guides.

Or, for those who are traveling for the purpose of a specific activity, there are also cruises which completely specialize in sports such as diving or surfing. On these luxurious, comfortable, and adventurous “liveaboards”, you have the pleasure of being surrounded by other travelers who are passionate about the sport. Spend the days exploring the coral reefs or paddling into the world’s best waves, and then while away the evening aboard a comfortable ship while recounting the tales of adventure.

Though the islands of Fiji are refreshingly remote and are a change from the modern world, there’s no reason why you can’t also enjoy the comforts which are found on a small boat cruise. Cruising in Fiji is one of the simplest and enjoyable ways to visit the islands, and since many amenities are included in the price, all that’s left for you to do is to grab your sunscreen, towel, and snorkel and go about enjoying the wonders of the Pacific.
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