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Fiordland & Milford Sound Suggested Itineraries

Med Viator, March 2015

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Enjoy the dramatic landscape of magical Fiordland, take a relaxed cruise on the sound or a more active experience with treks and kayaks. Whether starting out from Milford Sound or the trekking hub of Te Anau, you're perfectly positioned for cruising the Milford or Doubtful sounds and experiencing the unique beauty and wilderness of New Zealand's World Heritage-listed Fiordland. Located in 3 million acres (1.2 million hectares) of the Fiordland National Park, featuring magnificent untouched native forests, pristine waterways, lakes, glacier and high peaks, Milford Sound is arguably the most scenic destination in New Zealand. Travel along the Eglinton River to mountain lakes and the ancient alpine beech forest. Head towards Homer Tunnel for incredible mountain views alongside the crystal clear waters of the Hollyford River, then wind your way down the Cleddau Valley.

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