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Flamingo Gardens

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Florida is known for having one of the most tropical landscapes in the United States, and the Flamingo Gardens in Fort Lauderdale is a top spot to experience that ambiance. A botanical garden and Everglades wildlife sanctuary, Flamingo Gardens includes over 3,000 species of flowers and plants, including rare, tropical and Florida-native ones.

The Everglades area serves as an important part of the Florida ecosystem, as it is a vast subtropical wetland home to a variety of endangered species. Flamingo Gardens pays homage to this part of Florida's landscape by having a wildlife sanctuary on it premises where birds (including flamingos), alligators, otters and other creatures of the Everglades and Florida can reside if they have been hurt and are no longer able to live in the wild. As a result, over 90 types of animals that are native to Florida can be found here.

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