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3 Days in Fort Myers: Suggested Itineraries

Med Viator, February 2015

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Part of the charm of this city is seeing Florida as it used to be. Step back in time for a bit and explore the houses of two of America’s greatest inventors – Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. The two friends built mansions along the banks of Fort Myer’s waterways and today visitors can explore the extensive grounds, tour the museums and lounge under the shade of the large banyan trees while imagining Florida as a simpler time.

Florida has some of the wildest ecosystems on the planet. And while in Fort Myers it’s an easy trek to view some of the world’s most elusive creatures – the American crocodile and alligator tend to hang out in the murky swamps and mangroves, while the manatee prefers the open fields of sea-grass in the Manatee Park.

There’s no doubt about it. One of the pinnacle activities for any time spent in Fort Myers is time spent at the beach. The sands here are powder-fine, white, and spread for miles.

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