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Stand on the northern shore of the River Neckar and you can see why Heidelberg is such a popular spot for overseas visitors to Germany. This classic view of the city encompasses the old stone bridge with its salt-and-pepper shaker towers guarding the way to the old town crammed with narrow lanes and romantic old townhouses, as well as the castle looming on the hills behind.

Take Heidelberg’s hillside castle as your starting point: hop on the funicular from the Kornmarkt and save your energy for a descent on foot. Actually, the “castle” is a rambling complex of buildings from various centuries; that most of them are in ruins only adds to the charm. The site is open for guided tours of the stucco-covered rooms that are still standing and the terraced gardens. The Apothekenmuseum, with its vials and phials and potions, is an entertaining overview of remedies through the ages.

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