Genoa is a large Italian city with several individual neighborhoods that each have their own history and identity. One of those neighborhoods is the Boccadasse, located on the waterfront to the east of the Genoa city center.

The Boccadasse neighborhood is at one end of the promenade called the Corso Italia, which makes it easy to visit from central Genoa – particularly on a nice day when you can walk all the way along the seafront. This neighborhood used to be its own small town, and was once primarily the home of working fishermen.

There are various stories regarding the origin of the name Boccadasse. In the local dialect, the word is Bocadâze. Because the neighborhood sits on a small bay, one theory is that the name means “donkey's mouth.” Another stems from the name of a river that used to run through Boccadasse, called the Asse. In any case, the Italian word “bocca” means mouth, so either of those theories could be right.

A side trip to Boccadasse from Genoa isn't about taking a long to-do list – rather it's about taking a stroll along the Corso Italia until you reach a sweet fishing village, then enjoying a wander around the old streets until you feel like walking back to the city center of Genoa. In nice weather, it's a delightful diversion from your museum-going travel days.

Adress: Genoa, Italy, Italien
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