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Mombacho Volcano Nature Reserve

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Just south of the city of Granada lies the Mombacho Volcano. It's an active volcano, but it hasn’t erupted since the 16th century, which means rather than being a source of dread it’s a popular spot for visitors who want to explore the great outdoors. Much of the area around the volcano is protected as part of the Mombacho Volcano Nature Reserve (Reserva Nacional Volcano Mombacho).

Hiking through the Mombacho Reserve gets you up close to a huge variety of orchids and wildlife, as well as the volcano’s cloud forest and dwarf forest. There are some species on the volcano that you’ll find nowhere else on earth. You can get to Mombacho and hike the volcano on your own, but most people book hiking trips with a guide (one difficult trail - the one that gives you access to the dwarf forest - requires that you hire a hiking guide). The Mombacho Nature Reserve is closed on Mondays, and only open on Tuesdays by appointment.

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