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Grenada (St George's) Cruise Port

In 2004 Hurricane Ivan destroyed almost 90 percent of the buildings on this Southern Caribbean Island. But in the decade since, residents of Grenada have restored—and in some cases even improved upon—the historic beauty of this scenic island. Grenada’s beaches, waterfalls and vast spice plantations still continue to draw travelers to its peaceful island shores.

Ships that dock in popular Melville Street Cruise Terminal can easily access most of St. George’s on foot, since the exit to this port empties directly into downtown. Smaller ships berth at the Carenage, which is also close to a number of waterfront shops and restaurants. Though far less visited compared to Melville Street, its considered by some to be the most picturesque part of St. George’s.

Water-lovers can head out early to nearby Grand Anse Beach. The world-famous shores of this luxe destination are just a ten-minute taxi ride from port.