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Prince Edward Island

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Spend a bit of time here, and you’ll understand why PEI is known as the “gentle island.” This itty-bitty island in the middle of the Atlantic was the birthplace of Canadian confederation, and despite its small stature and population, it packs a big tourism punch.

As soon as you cross the Confederation Bridge, stop for ice cream at Cow’s. This place is legendary for its wacky flavors. If you’re spending the night in Charlottetown, get out and explore on foot. For such a small city, the place is surprisingly cosmopolitan and there’s a large student population to keep the nightlife alive.

You can’t leave the island without pausing at the Anne of Green Gables house. Even if you’re not an Anne groupie, you will be by the time you leave. Tour the iconic household with its period-style rooms, and wander the gardens that were so much a part of Anne’s life. And if you’re still unconvinced, pick up a copy of her first book in the gift shop!

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