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3 Days in Hangzhou: Suggested Itineraries

Med Viator, July 2015

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The undeniable soul of Hangzhou is the area known as West Lake (Xi Hu), which can easily occupy the better part of an entire day. Famous for the naturally occurring “Ten Scenes of the West Lake,” many visitors opt to begin their day by experiencing the dawn break from the calm waters of Su Causeway. After having watched the morning sun dance upon the waters, head out on an old style cruise boat for a quick trip over to Gu Hill—the lake’s lone naturally occurring island—for a view of the surrounding lake region. Once back on shore it’s only a short walk, bike or taxi ride to Lingyin Temple, also known as “The Temple of Soul’s Retreat.”

For anyone interested in herbal remedies, acupuncture or the body’s relationship with the overall Universe, then a visit to the Traditional Chinese Medicine Museum is a must. Located in downtown Hangzhou this former pharmacy educates visitors on the history and culture of traditional Chinese medicine.

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Hangzhou – dagsresa från Shanghai till himlen på jorden

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Res till Hangzhou, en stad som är rik på kultur, historia och natur, på en dagsresa från Shanghai. I sällskap med en kunnig guide ...  Mer information

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