Tea Experiences in Hangzhou

The streets of Hangzhou are lined with tea houses, the surrounding hills blanketed in rolling green-tea plantations. Famous for its valuable Longjing tea, the city has a history of tea production dating back over 1,500 years. Here are the best experiences to dive deep into Hangzhou’s tea culture. 

Learn about China’s tea heritage at the China National Tea Museum in Longjing.
See where some of the most expensive teas are grown at the Eighteen Imperial Tea Bushes.
Practice the proper methods for picking, roasting, and tasting Chinese tea.
Soak up the scenery in and around Dragon Well Tea Village, known for its terraced tea fields.
Sit down for a local lunch in the home of a Hangzhou tea farmer.
Sample several fragrant teas at the Meijiawu Tea Culture Village near West Lake.
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