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Loire Castles

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With its beautiful scenery, historic towns and magnificent chateaux, the Loire Valley lies in easy reach of Paris. During the Renaissance period French aristocrats built lavish residences on or ...  Mer information

Paris by Citroen 2CV

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Want to travel around Paris like a local? Let your chauffeur take the wheel of an iconic Citroen 2CV and you’ll soon be whizzing around the Arc de Triomphe in true Parisian style. Private tours ...  Mer information

Versailles Tours from Paris

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Inside, the huge palace's 700 rooms are replete with gilded cornices, frescoed ceilings and carved details. Outside, it is surrounded by famously formal gardens with geometrically designed walkways, ...  Mer information

Vi firar nationaldagen i Paris

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Den 14 juli 1789 inleddes den franska revolutionen med stormningen av Bastiljen. Idag kan du hitta fransmän och andra fransktalande som firar den historiska händelsen runt om i ...  Mer information

Skip the Line at the Louvre

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The Louvre may be the world's greatest art museum. Don't be daunted by its size and overwhelming richness; if you have even the merest interest in the fruits of human civilization from antiquity to ...  Mer information

Moulin Rouge Dinner and Show Packages

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The birthplace of the high-spirited can-can and subject of Toulouse-Lautrec’s iconic paintings, the Moulin Rouge is not only the world’s most famous cabaret, but one of Paris’ most popular tourist ...  Mer information

Normandy Tours from Paris

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Between Paris and the English Channel lies the region of Normandy, abounding in historic sites, moody countryside and culinary hotspots. You can visit some of the area’s highlights on a day trip ...  Mer information

Dinner at the Eiffel Tower: Gourmet Dining Over Paris

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Located on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower, Alain Ducasse’s 58 Tour Eiffel restaurant is famous for its panoramic views overlooking the Trocadero area of Paris. Serving traditional French ...  Mer information

Lunch at the Eiffel Tower: French Food with a View

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There are literally hundreds of ways to explore the City of Light-- from walking tours and boat cruises to afternoons spent lingering at sidewalk cafes and strolls through the halls of world-famous ...  Mer information

Paris Your Way: Best Private and Custom Tours

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They say Paris is for lovers, but the City of Lights is also made for theatergoers, foodies, historians and oenophiles. And while standard city tours will likely include highlights like the Eiffel ...  Mer information

Champagne Region

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We have to agree, there’s nothing more French than Champagne. To see where the legend began, visit the sacred town of Reims, known for its role in consecrating the kings of France as well as its ...  Mer information

Visiting World War I Battlefields From Paris

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Many visitors know that the WWII battlefields and memorials in the Normandy region of France are a popular day trip from Paris but what they may not realize is that France abounds with WWI ...  Mer information

Top Seine River Cruises

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The River Seine is the lifeblood of Paris. Immerse yourself in romance, cruising under iconic bridges to see the architectural wonders and discover the daily life of this beautiful city from the ...  Mer information

Paris – rundturer med snabbinträde

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Med förtur blir det enkelt att se världsberömda sevärdheter, med biljetterna Snabbinträde: Eiffeltornet, Snabbinträde: Guidad rundtur i Louvren och Snabbinträde: ...  Mer information

French Pastry and Cooking Classes in Paris

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The fromagerie (cheese shop) is another world, with an astounding range of regional varieties accompanied by quince paste, green tomato jam, and fabulous bread. Make your selection and head up to ...  Mer information