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Versailles Chateau Gardens

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The most acclaimed example of formal French garden design, Versailles’ vast chateau gardens are famed for their geometrically aligned terraces, tree-lined ...  Mer information


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The Louvre may be the world's greatest art museum. Don't be daunted by its size and overwhelming richness; if you have even the merest interest in the fruits ...  Mer information

Catacombs (Les Catac

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In 1785, Paris decided to solve the problem of its overflowing cemeteries by exhuming the bones of the buried and relocating them to the tunnels of several ...  Mer information


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Montmartre is the hilly part of Paris. There are stairs galore and the crowning glory is, of course, the famous Sacré Coeur Cathedral perched at the top, ...  Mer information

Palace of Versailles

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The Chateau de Versailles was the creation of Louis XIV. He took his father's hunting lodge and transformed it into the château, then moved the whole ...  Mer information

Notre Dame Cathedral

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If Paris has a heart, then this is it. The cathedral of Notre Dame (Cathédrale de Notre Dame de Paris) is not only a masterpiece of French Gothic ...  Mer information


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Eiffeltornet (Tour Eiffel), byggt av Gustave Eiffel inför världsutställningen 1889, som hölls till minne av revolutionen på dess ...  Mer information

Moulin Rouge - World famous cabaret venue

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The Moulin Rouge is the world famous cabaret venue which opened in 1889. This was the time known as the Belle Epoque - France was not at war for a change, a ...  Mer information

Disneyland Paris

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Disneyland® Paris, mer känt som Euro Disney, ligger precis utanför Paris. Det består av två temaparker, ett restaurang- och ...  Mer information

River Seine

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Paris lies 277 miles (445 km) from the river mouth and the slow-moving river is navigable up to 348 miles (560 km) inland from Le Havre, to Paris and beyond. ...  Mer information

Avenue des Champs-Elysées

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The Avenue des Champs-Elysées (the name refers to the 'Elysian Fields' where happy souls dwelt after death according to Greek myth) links place de la ...  Mer information

Lido Shows

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No evening in Paris is complete without the spectacular theater of cabaret – sequins, feathers and Champagne! For the most famous cabaret experience on ...  Mer information

Arc de Triomphe

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The Arc de Triomphe, standing proudly in the circular Place Charles-de-Gaulle at the top of the Champs Elysées, is a symbol of the French nation. It ...  Mer information

Musée d'Orsay - Paris Attractions

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The museum displays France's national collection of paintings, sculptures, objets d'art produced between 1848 and 1914, including the fruits of the ...  Mer information

Grand Trianon

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The pink-colonnaded Grand Trianon was built in 1687 by the famous architect Mansart, as a tranquil getaway from court life for Louis XIV. Setting the ...  Mer information