How to Spot Wildlife in Yellowstone National Park

Jackson Hole is a popular destination for photographers, nature enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers, as it’s abundant with wildlife. The most popular place to do wildlife spotting is in Grand Teton National Park, a 310,000-acre (130,000 hectare) park home to the impressive Grand Teton Range, world-class trout fishing, outdoor recreation, dozens of mammals, over 300 bird species and some amphibians and reptiles.

During different seasons different animals become more abundant. While winter provides the best chances of spotting bighorn sheep, wolves and otters, late spring and early summer are great opportunities for seeing black and grizzly bears, especially early in the morning just as the sun is rising.

Elk can be seen pretty much all year except in late summer when it’s extremely hot -- although keep in mind you can guarantee seeing them in the National Elk Refuge --  and bison are around throughout the spring, summer, fall and most of winter, especially at Antelope Flats (you can see Antelope here mainly in the spring and fall). Other animals Grand Tenton National Park plays home to include marmots, moose, mountain goats, bald eagles, coyote, owls and much more.

Another tip for spotting wildlife in Jackson Hole is to wake up early and head to the local lakes like Gros Ventre River and Jackson, where moose head early in the morning for a drink. Keep in mind that Yellowstone National Park is less than two hours away from Jackson Hole, and can provide further opportunities for wildlife spotting in a new setting.
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